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About Us

Somerville Partnership for Young Children (SPYC) unifies Somerville early education providers in a coordinated system that offers access to high quality programs for children, supported by instructional and wrap-around supports that empower early educators and families in our city.

Our Vision

Somerville Partnership for Young Children (SPYC) believes that every child should have the opportunity to develop a love of learning in a nurturing, responsive, and stimulating early education program. The SPYC mixed-delivery system believes that our partner programs, in collaboration with each other and Somerville Public Schools, are strongest together and can meet the range of needs among Somerville Families.

This work ensures that:


  • Receive more information, through broad outreach, about the importance of growth and development in the early years and the environments that support this growth
  • Regardless of socio-economic status, geography, race, ethnicity, or any other demographic factor, have access to high quality early education programming that fits individual family needs


  • Attend early education programs staffed with caring, knowledgeable, and professionally supported teachers and directors
  • Have rich and high quality opportunities to play, learn, and grow
  • Connect in meaningful ways and build strong relationships with other children and adults

Early Educators & Program Directors

  • Have access to increased professional support (via instructional coaching, professional development, degree attainment support, and mentorship) to deepen instructional practice and job satisfaction
  • Can join a learning community of early educators across Somerville to align quality practices and increase connectivity among previously siloed programs


  • Sees young children as capable and competent members of the community
  • Continues to value and support early education options across the city
  • Is home to programs that represent and serve the diverse needs of Somerville residents


Lisa Kuh
Lisa Kuh Director of Early Education

Lisa is the Director of Early Education for Somerville Public schools and she works with public, center-based, and Head Start preschool programs to create access to high quality early education opportunities across the city. A preschool teacher and teacher educator for over 30 years, Lisa is committed to supporting teachers, children, and families by providing quality places to learn, play, and grow.

Alyssa Corrigan
Alyssa Corrigan Somerville Partnership for Young Children Coodinator

As the Somerville Partnership for Young Children Coordinator, Alyssa works closely with early education programs across Somerville to implement our mixed-delivery preschool partnerships. She has experience helping children grow and building better systems for communities – from Early Intervention and preschool classroom support, to local and state-level policy making. Alyssa aims to ensure that all children have access to environments that nurture a love of learning and a sense of belonging.

Tonya Berenson
Tonya Berenson Grant Project Assistant

As the Grant Project Assistant, Tonya  supports administrative, programmatic and fiscal aspects  of the SPYC activities. She also works as a patient advocate in Boston hospitals and has a background in international/cross-cultural communication. As a Somerville resident and parent, Tonya strongly believes that every Somerville family should have access to high quality early childhood education.

Early Childhood Instructional Coaches

Our Instructional Coaches work with Somerville Public Schools preschool classrooms and Somerville Partnership for Young Children preschool programs to support teacher practices, offer professional development, and enhance child and adult learning experiences.
Heidi Given
Heidi Given Early Childhood Instructional Coach

As an Early Childhood Instructional Coach, Heidi works with teachers and teams to build strong classroom communities and learning environments.  She enjoys working throughout the city with various centers and programs. Heidi is dedicated to building classroom communities that reflect and embrace every child and support the range of social, physical, linguistic, and cognitive development found in preschool classrooms.

Valerie Giltinan
Valerie Giltinan Early Childhood Instructional Coach

As an Early Childhood Instructional Coach, Valerie builds relationships with teachers to facilitate growth and deep knowledge of teaching and learning through play and rich curriculum. A preschool teacher for more than 20 years, Valerie brings her love of art and nature to her work. Valerie feels strongly that all children should have access to warm, welcoming learning environments that are engaging, meaningful, and reflect children’s sense of self and the world around them.

Paige Mahoney
Paige Mahoney Early Childhood Instructional Coach

Paige is an Early Childhood Instructional Coach for Somerville Public Schools. Paige works in various classrooms supporting teaching teams with reflective and responsive teaching practices. Most of her experience was in a center-based program building relationships with families of young children in Somerville. Paige strives to work closely with teachers to maintain safe learning environments with accessible curriculum for young children.

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For information and resources from the City of Somerville and Somerville Public Schools, follow the links below.