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Open Center for Children

Sarah Sian

Our Philosophy

Our purpose at Open Center, is to provide a safe, caring, and responsive environment where children’s social and emotional development is supported by a nurturing and well-trained staff. Our emphasis is on learning rather than teaching. The staff, materials, and other children are all resources for children to use to develop skills and competency. The Center has areas for small motor play, large motor activities, reading and quiet times, building, fantasy play, and art activities. There are frequent opportunities for stories, singing and snuggling.

Since 1972 the Open Center for Children has worked in partnership with families to create a nurturing early education and care experience. The play-based curriculum inspires children to become motivated, self-directed learners, feel competent in their skills and abilities, express their creativity and develop trusting, respectful relationships with other people. The Open Center experience helps children develop the tools necessary for living in a diverse world by appreciating differences and being able to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Ages Served

Toddler – 2.3 years to 3.3 years

Preschool – 3.4 years to 5 years

Our Programs and Classrooms

We have two classrooms at Open Center, serving a total of 29 families.  Our younger classroom, the Green Room, has three teachers and nine children ages 2.3 -3.3 years.  Our older classroom, the Blue Room, has four teachers and twenty children ages 3.4-5 years. Our program provides children with a warm, nurturing environment where they learn through relationships and experiences.  We teach children to take care of themselves, their classmates and teachers, and their environment. Through our curriculum, we help children develop the tools necessary for living in a diverse world, being able to resolve conflicts peacefully, and to challenge stereotypes.

Enrollment Information

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school.  Families interested in our program should contact the program Director to schedule a tour.