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Choosing Child Care

We know that choosing the right care for your child can be an overwhelming task. In collaboration with our City and District Partners, we have created a presentation explaining all of the choices available to you in Somerville. We have also included tips on what to consider when making your choice. Below are just a few of the things you may want to think about when choosing care for your child.

Click here to view and print the full presentation.

Young Child’s Development

Social-Emotional Development

  • Caregivers are at the level of the children
  • Daily routine
  • Opportunities for children to play alone or with others

Physical Development

  • Time and space for outdoor play
  • Safety of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Free time to move around and explore

Cognitive Development

  • Variety of opportunities for children to engage with and hear books and stories
  • Distinct areas of the room for different play experiences
  • Balance between student- and teacher-directed learning


  • A welcoming atmosphere for children and families
  • Variety of learning areas and materials that are easily accessible for children
  • Materials on the wall are posted at children’s level
  • Outdoor space with appropriately sized structures and materials

Program Considerations

  • Program licensure
  • Ages of the other children your child would be grouped with
  • Program hours
  • Location
  • Family Resources
  • Special education supports
  • Staffing

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