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Dandelion Montessori

Head of School / Head Teachers
Micki Sausen and Lindy McGrail

Our Philosophy

We believe children to be intrinsically good, intrinsically peaceful and intrinsically motivated to learn. At Dandelion, children and adults work together to create a peaceful, cooperative, loving, and joyful learning environment. We operate under The Nine Principles.

Ages Served

Preschool – 33 months to 5 years

Our Program

Dandelion Montessori is a collaborative community of Montessori learners, ages 2.9 through 6 years, educators and families in Somerville, MA.  Established in 2015 as a coop community for toddlers, Dandelion is a Wildflower Network School, an innovative approach to Montessori education started by the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Dandelion provides high quality, authentic Montessori education for children during their early childhood and kindergarten years.  Our school supports children and the families in an inclusive and diverse community that fosters the growth of the whole child on their journey to becoming peaceful, powerful, and purposeful human beings.

Family involvement is key to the success of our school and the foundation of a supportive community.  The classroom experience of our children, guided by our teachers, is supported by the family apprenticeship program, which is further supported by our community program. 

Our program runs from 8:30am – 6pm.

Enrollment Information

We are now enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. Dandelion Montessori has a variety of school and auxiliary programs to support families with different needs for Montessori education and care. We are now enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. To visit Dandelion or learn more about our program, send us a message here.