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Somerville YMCA Preschool

Preschool Director: Cheryl McNulty

Our Philosophy

The Somerville YMCA Preschool program strives to provide a safe, stimulating and reliable child care environment to foster self esteem, meet each child’s individual needs and promote the physical, intellectual and social/ emotional well-being of the Preschool age child. We believe in cultivating a multicultural atmosphere that promotes a greater knowledge, understanding and acceptance of our local and world communities.

Ages Served

Preschool – 33 months to 5 years

Our Program and Classrooms

The YMCA offers two classrooms: Preschool One – 2.9 years to 4 years and Preschool Two – 3.9 years to 5 years The Somerville YMCA Preschool enrollment reflects the rich diversity of Somerville and the surrounding areas.

The YMCA is able to offer children rich daily experiences through: swimming lessons, our backyard outdoor play space, large indoor gym space, computer in each classroom, curriculum-based art projects, and social/emotional enrichment.

Early Childhood Educators at the Somerville YMCA Preschool are selected for their knowledge of child development, their creativity and their ability to create a nurturing environment for children and families. Our staff strives to provide a welcoming place for our diverse children and families.

Families are our partners in providing each child with individual educational and behavioral goals. We maintain open lines of communication with families and collect parent input through our parent advisory board. We invite families to participate frequently in Preschool events such as Family Nights, Family Trainings, volunteering for field trips and classroom activities, and the sharing of family’s cultures and traditions.

We run a year-round full day program from 7:30am-5:30pm.

The YMCA is committed to making high-quality care and education as affordable as possible for families. We also accept state -issued vouchers and have a number of state subsidized slots for families who qualify.

The Somerville YMCA is part of the nation ’s largest provider of child care, the YMCA of the USA. It is well known for its long tradition of commitment to youth and families and its standards of excellence in child care programming.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment for the next school year will begin in January. There may be a few spots available between now and then. For more information please call 617-628 -1741 or 617-625-5050.